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We take our guests to ½ day safari or over night, as may be desired by our guests to Sum Sand Dunes or Khudi Sand Dunes, where we provide them with the following : --
  1. Camel ride to sun set point and back to base camp
  2. Light snacks with tea / coffee on arrival from sun set point
  3. Folk dance and music
  4. Dinner
Points 1 to 4 provided in half day safari
  1. Cottage or tents for over night
  2. Morning tea / coffee
  3. Breakfast
  4. Camel ride in the morning (optional)
Folk dance will be organized subject to booking of 10 pax

The safari will start after Lunch at around 3 PM and end ½ day safari at 10 PM after Dinner and 1 day safari after Breakfast at 11 A.M.
The pool, the pool-side bar and Barbeque in all its romantic environment cannot but lure even the non-discerning one.
Hotel Dholamaru takes pride in welcoming you to their hotel with courteous staff.
We takes you where you can indulge in all varieties of gourmet and cock-tails in accompaniments of indigenous music and dance.
The Bar is built into an ancient tree to take you closer to nature.

Then there are cock-tails specially blended by us - A natural inheritance from the general. 'The Bar' takes you where you can indulge in all varieties of gourmet and cock-tails in accompaniments of indigenous music and dance.
It is not only 'A HOME AWAY FROM HOME' personal attention and care makes it a perfect venue for conferences, seminars, workshops, social and cultural events including, weddings and banquets.
Annals and antiquities; traditions and heritage; folk music and dance; and forts and palaces when seen with the back-drop of chivalry and undaunted courage brings to the fore an image of Jaisalmer - a unique and unprecedented desert resort.
The legendary stories are not confined only to the Maharajas or their palaces. Dhola-Maru is yet another romantic fable like Romeo and Juliet as enshrined in the Logo. Every part of the hotel speaks of this romantic tale silently.
You can avail of car & Jeep facilities to roam around jaisalmer. Following are the palces around Jaisalmer you can visit :

Akal (16 km from Jaisalmer) Wood Fossil Park (17 km from Jaisalmer)
It looks like a army frozen in its tracks, stands the petrified forest of Aakal, in a bare hill side of mica, and red and yellow stone. It is a fossil park where 180 millions years ago stood a forest. The fossil trunks lie scattered in this part.
It has fossils dating to 180 million years ago.

Barmer (153 km from Jaisalmer )
It is famous for wood carvings, embroidered fabrics and block printed textiles.

Lodurva (17 km from Jaisalmer)
The ancient capital of Jaisalmer, some vestiges of former glory remain.

Sam Sand Dunes (42 km from Jaisalmer)
It is the closest point to witness the total sandy desert. Sam (pronounced 'sum') has a truly magnificent stretch of sweeping dunes, with little or no vegetation. The best way to see this and other sights around Jaisalmer is to take a came safari. The standard trip lasts 4 days and three nights, and offers the opportunity to explore the area in authentic and leisurely fashion, with entertainment by folk performers, visits to villages, and chatter from colourful guides thrown in.

Desert National Park (40 km. from Jaisalmer)
It preserves the eco-system of the desert within its confines. The Monitor lizards, desert foxes, porcupines, occasional wolves and black bucks, and the Great Indian Bustard (a protected bird ) are found here, forming an ecological chain revolving around cactii and other hardy desert plants.

Bada Bagh (6 km. from Jaisalmer)
A fertile oasis on the bank of an artificial lake. Much of the city's fruits and vegetables are grown here. Surrounded by dense trees are the royal cenotaphs with beautifully carved ceilings and equestrian statues of the former rulers.

Camel Safaris
These are conducted on many routes.